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Family law includes dissolution of marriage and issues surrounding divorce, such as child custody and distribution of assets. Often, issues surrounding divorce are emotionally charged. It’s just the nature of intimate relationships. Attorney Elizabeth Westfall is experienced in family law and works in the best interests of her clients and the family. She takes the time to learn about your individual situation and provides practical, effective solutions.


In the dissolution of a marriage, there are no fault grounds. The process and expense of a divorce are eliminated. A petition is filed with the court after the parties have agreed on all of the terms, such as parental rights and the division of property. There is a court hearing and both parties must provide full disclosure. Both parties must also sign an agreement that they want the marriage dissolved. It’s a different process than divorce with the same end result – the marriage is terminated with the court’s approval. Attorney Elizabeth Westfall assists clients with the dissolution process.


In the divorce process you file a complaint for divorce with the required affidavits and the case is assigned to a judge and majesty. The process is very complicated and requires an experienced attorney to advice you along the way. You do not want an attorney who is inexperienced in the divorce process to navigate you along this path. Attorney Elizabeth Westfall assists clients with the divorce process with thoughtfulness and sound legal advice.

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